Old-fashioned hospitality brought to you by cutting-edge technology.

Contactless payments

Forget cash, cards and QR codes; just ask your patrons to download PayPhone and let the app do the rest. They’ll be able to access your online menu, order food and beverages and pay with all the latest online payment options including Google Pay and Alipay.

Integrated system

PayPhone integrates seamlessly with your existing POS system. There’ll be no disruption to your established processes and your venue can continue to print dockets while instantaneously updating menus and easily tracking inventory. PayPhone is compatible with H&L, Doshii, BePoz, InfoGenisis, Tyro, Switpos, Kounta and Impos.

Flexible menu options

Customise your menu as you wish while allowing customers to add extras and provide any information on allergies. These customisations will be automatically added and subtracted when payment is being processed.


The PayPhone app generates revenue. It’s designed to maximise your business’s income potential by increasing average spend and decreasing running costs.

Increased customer spend

Research indicates that customers using PayPhone will increase their average spend by up to 30% as a result of the improved customer experience.

Reduced operational costs

PayPhone will streamline your venue’s operations, resulting in increased staff efficiency and greater productivity across the business.

Free software and incentives

PayPhone wants to see the Australian hospitality industry performing at its peak, which is why the app is free for customers and venues will not be charged for the first six months. We’ll also give new customers $10 for signing up to PayPhone and encourage them to visit your venue.


Adjusting to the new normal is simple with PayPhone.

Pre-screen bookings and record accurate visitor logs

Any online booking will be asked if they’ve visited a listed Covid hotspot in the previous 14 days. The contact details of walk-in customers will be automatically recorded and stored in case a positive case of Covid-19 is found to have visited your venue. Not only does this minimise the risk of infection from asking customers to manually write down their details, it also means customers don’t have to re-enter their details every time they visit a new venue.

Automatic check-in

Patrons will be automatically checked in when entering a venue, and checked out when leaving, using their mobile device’s geolocation capability. This will record accurate visitor information, and also determine who has potentially been a close contact of a positive case.

Completely contactless

The PayPhone app allows customers to order and pay on their mobile devices to minimise movement and contact. It also acts as a buzzer and lets customers know when their order is ready for collection, eliminating the need for a shared piece of hardware that goes through countless hands every day.s.


Use PayPhone’s data to know who your customers are and what they want.

User-friendly analytic tools

The simplicity of PayPhone’s reporting capabilities means you’ll know your customers better than ever before. How often do they visit? What is their usual spend? When did they last visit and did they respond to your special promotion? All reports can be built and tailored to your specific needs.

POS Integration

PayPhone seamlessly integrates with existing POS technology. That means you can track spend and customer order history in real time, tying detailed POS information into guest profiles.

Customise to your requirements

Make guest data easily visible with unlimited standard and customisable tags that can be applied to guest profiles. Tags can be configured locally and limited to a single location, or used globally across your entire portfolio of venues.


PayPhone’s intuitive and easy-to-use technology allows you and your staff to anticipate customer needs, make informed decisions and manage events.

Every guest is a VIP

Our free reservation widget means every guest will feel like a VIP when booking through PayPhone, while venues have the ability to connect with their guests before they even arrive at their venue.

Events and ticketing

PayPhone is a one-stop-shop for all your event requirements. Take the hassle out of hosting by promoting, ticketing and managing your event on a single platform.

Oversee your venue’s operations

The PayPhone app allows you to manage waitlists, inventory and seating assignments to manage crowds and flow, resulting in increased efficiency and revenue.


Make evidence-based decisions to help acquire new guests and drive repeat visits through technology and data.

Direct access to booking channels

PayPhone supports direct reservations through your venue’s marketing channels including, but not limited to, Facebook, Google and Instagram.

Personalised marketing and automation

PayPhone’s marketing functions allow you to build email marketing campaigns that actually work. Fully personalised and automated, these campaigns can be easily built and customised, resulting in more traffic and revenue for your business.


Make the most of your data and maximise your marketing thanks to PayPhone’s segmentation software, which allows you to create targeted campaigns to reach the right customers at the right times.


PayPhone is an adaptable mobile payment platform suited to a wide variety of purposes outside of hospitality.

In-person marketplaces

PayPhone’s mobile payment technology is adaptable to multiple settings and supports direct, in-person sales made in real-world environments like farmers’ markets, garage sales and fairs.

In-app gaming payments

Our payment technology is perfectly suited to the online gaming and sports betting industries. We have the know-how and engineering capabilities to quickly and easily adapt our technology to your specific needs.


Make the most of your data and maximise your marketing thanks to PayPhone’s segmentation software, which allows you to create targeted campaigns to reach the right customers at the right time.