A revolutionary point-of-sale system that enhances the dining experience for both customers and venues.

Take direct reservations

The PayPhone app allows potential customers to book directly through the app, eliminating third-party booking fees and putting more profit in your pocket.

Streamline your operations

Improve your venue’s efficiency through a seamless customer experience from ordering to collection and payment.

Understand your customers

The PayPhone app collects data on your customers and records their preferences, meaning you own and control the data you need to make informed business decisions.


Treat your guests to a highly personalised stay that they’ll never forget.

Take direct reservations

Eliminate third-party booking fees and take reservations directly from potential guests to
maximise your hotel’s revenue.

Personalised marketing

The PayPhone will record customer data which you can access to improve marketing campaigns, segment guest profiles and push loyalty programs.

Superior room service

With the PayPhone app, guests can order food and beverages from their rooms as they would if sitting at the bar, with orders automatically added to their tab.


Seamless POS integration to grow lasting guest relationships.

Provide a better nightlife experience

Customers are able to order and pay for their drinks via the PayPhone app, eliminating long lines at the bar and maximising time spent dancing and enjoying oneself.

Integrated event management

The PayPhone app is the simplest and most efficient way for venues to manage event promotion and ticketing.

Data and insights

Track spending, manage guest lists and receive in-depth data reports to help you make your venue the most popular nightspot in the city.


Empower spectators and guests with a tool already in their pockets. Our mPos technology equips you with hospitality tools as exciting as the main event.

Food and beverage management

Food and drink should complement an experience, not distract from it. Your customers will see as much of the game or performance as possible thanks to PayPhone, which allows them to order from their seats and pick up from their nearest collection station.

Full integration

The PayPhone app is the simplest and most efficient way for venues to manage event promotion and ticketing.

Targeted marketing campaigns

The data recorded by PayPhone will allow you to create guest profiles and target future marketing based on their sporting and entertainment preferences. Increase your revenue by suggesting similar events in the future and building a continuing relationship with every


PayPhone looks after you and your guests’ interests. Help increase funds for your registered non-profit organisation by allowing guests to round up their bill to the nearest dollar and donate the gap.

Automatic check-ins and Covid compliance

Registering guests and members while ensuring Covid compliance obligations are met doesn’t have to be difficult. PayPhone will geo-fence your venue via Google Maps, making  checking guests in and out a breeze and storing accurate visitor information to protect the wellbeing of your guests and staff.

Round up

A simple but effective way to boost donations to your club. Guests will feel great by supporting their club when they round up their bill to the nearest dollar. The gap may be small change to your guests, but it makes a big difference to your club when these payments add up.

Increase efficiency and reduce running costs

Your guests and members are likely to increase their spend by up to 30% when ordering via the PayPhone app. Couple this with increased efficiency and you’ll see your profit margins rise as running costs decrease.